Craig Carlyle Clinic – Fridays

Craig Carlyle is an experienced trainer and coach. He is the head coach for the San Diego Junior Gulls and son of Anaheim Duck’s Head Coach, Randy Carlyle. Craig has tremendous experience coaching on and off the ice and he offers a unique approach for ice training.

Skills | Strength | Speed



Fridays 7:45 pm to 8:45 pm


$199 per 8 Sessions Package



Spots are Limited!


Purchase your 8 session package online, or at the ice rink. The packages will auto renew once the sessions run out. Present your key tag, or say your name upon check-in to participate in the clinic.

How to register online?

  1. Click on the registration link above
  2. Register your self
  3. Log-in
  4. Click on “Buy+” Tab
  5. Click on “Sessions”
  6. Choose “Hockey Clinic” then “Craig Carlyle Clinic”
  7. Make the purchase and you are all set!
  8. Next time you visit the rink, just say your name or present your keychain tag and you will be all set – easy!