Youth Hockey

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The Predators have made their home in Poway, CA.  We are now accepting registration for all levels

New: Rolling Registrations. Your child will be enrolled in a year round program with automatic fee deduction from your account. No more re-enrollments! 

Play levels and other details will be managed by our youth hockey director!


  1. One 1-Hour Practice, One Game Per Week, Unlimited Public Skate, Unlimited Stick-Time & Friday Clinic – $149
  2. One 1-Hour Practice, One Game Per Week, Unlimited Public Skate, Unlimited Stick-Time – $139
  3. One 1-Hour Practice, One Game Per Week, Unlimited Public Skate – $99

Click Here To Register

Once you enroll (online or at the rink), you will receive a bar coded key tag at the rink, if you do not, please ask for one.

Please use it for all Check-ins.

How to register online?

  1. Click on the registration link above
  2. Register your child
  3. Log-in
  4. Click on “Buy+” Tab
  5. Click on “Memberships”
  6. Choose one of the 3 membership types you would like to sign up for
    1. Youth Hockey + Public Skate, Stick-Time, Clinic
    2. Youth Hockey + Public Skate, Stick-Time
    3. Youth Hockey + Public Skate
  7. Make the purchase and you are all set!
  8. Next time you visit the rink, just say your name or present your keychain tag and you will be all set – easy!

All programs are two 1 hour slots.  Once during the week, once on the weekend (typically games).

Don’t forget to visit www.usahockey.com to register your player with USA Hockey.

For additional questions, please contact us at youthhockey@powayice.com


Youth Hockey Levels

Learn To Play
Ages 4 and up. Introduction to skating and hockey for those new to the sport of ice hockey.  Your child will learn basic skating strokes as well as basic shooting and passing. At this level, we focus on making it fun for the child.

Ages 5-6. The program is designed for skill development. Skills are mixed in with fun games so that your child is having fun learning. Cross-ice games.

Ages 7-8. The Mites will practice 1 day per week and have approximately 60 hours of ice time per season.  Typically, practices consist of fun skills and introduction to drill sessions.  Games are played cross-ice.

Ages 9-10. Players will fall in love with the game at the Squirt level. Squirts are encouraged to respect their opponents and officials. Players will receive individual instruction, scrimmages, cross-ice and small game activities. Squirts will work on backwards skating, controlled turns, wrist shooting, and backhands.